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A first time spa experience can be intimidating for anyone, but it seems that men are especially daunted by the notion that their first spa treatment could result in embarrassment due to not having a full grasp on the protocol for attending the spa.

Etiquette Tips for Men:

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SpaFinder has put together an etiquette guide that can be applied to almost anyone, but focuses particularly on the concerns men have before treating themselves or being treated to a great day at the spa!

Arrive early
It is best to arrive 20-30 minutes before your treatment.  This gives you time to enjoy the facilities that might be available to you, as many spas have steam or fitness rooms for spa-goers to use freely before or after treatments.  Naturally, after relaxing your muscles during a massage you won’t want to hit the fitness room where they will tighten back up, so arrive early to check out the exercise facilities or begin to unwind before your treatment in the relaxation room.

Shave before your facial
To get the full benefits of a facial it is best to give your aesthetician full access to your face.  A clean shave will allow for your entire face to be treated with the same care.  Areas that are prone to irritation from razor burn and ingrown hairs are issues that your aesthetician can treat during your facial.

Shower before  your massage
Another reason to arrive early is to have time to take a shower before your treatment.  You will want to have that clean, fresh feeling before you enter your treatment room, and your massage therapist will appreciate it as well!

Turn your cell phone off 
Keep your mobile on silent or turn it off completely.  Although you may not be bringing your phone into the treatment room, it is still best not to have it buzzing or ringing in the locker room.

Talk to your spa technician
It is important to be open with the person who is giving your massage,  facial or other treatment.  Discuss sensitivities, injuries, and chronic problems that can be addressed through your treatment.  If you have health concerns, it is a good idea to discuss them with your doctor and with the spa staff when making your appointment.

Underwear is optional
The most important part of your spa experience is your absolute comfort.  If you don’t feel comfortable removing your underwear before a treatment, don’t!  While  many people feel comfortable in the buff under the sheet or towel cover during their treatment, some prefer to keep their undergarments on.

Avoid lotion  before waxing
Applying lotion or body creams before the wax will make it more difficult to remove strip wax.  Skip the heavy moisturizers before a back or chest wax and the whole experience will be a little smoother.  Don’t forget to let your waxing technician know if you are using and ingestible or topical skin medications as these can increase sensitivity to waxing.

Tip your technician
A 15-20% tip is appropriate for your aesthetician or massage therapist.  Remember that this person has given you an hour of their expertise!

Stay out of the sun
Prolonged exposure to sun can make your skin extra sensitive and can be very dehydrating.  It’s best to avoid harsh sun exposure the day of and the day after your treatment.  Remember to always wear sunscreen.

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