Hand and Foot Massages

Consider rejuvenating hand and foot massage treatments on their own or as an add on to another spa treatment.

Hand & Foot Massage Basics:

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Hand and foot massages are often performed in conjunction with or prior to other therapies, including facials, body treatments, spa packages, and signature rituals.

While procedures vary from spa to spa, Hand and Foot massages often begin with a soak in soothing warm water with a few drops of essential oil or salts, often peppermint or lavender.  Outside of the hand or foot bath, the massage therapist will apply a moderate amount of cream or oil, making sure the hands or feet are warm and comfortable.  The foot massage may begin with stroking of the top of foot, between cords located on top of foot at instep and moving in the direction of toe to ankle.  

Hand massages incorporate similar techniques concentrating on knuckles and palms.  Initial gentle pressure yields to increasing pressure, with circular motions of the thumb and fingers over the sole of the foot or palm of hand, and even more pressure in areas such as the ball of the foot or heel of the hand.  In some traditional treatments, Thai foot massages for example, pressure points on the foot are focused on in order to target other parts of the body.  Various pressure points in the heel connect to the Sciatic Nerve, while several points on the ball of the foot correlate to the stomach and lungs.

Modern technology has made hand and foot massages more popular than ever with many spas offering Blackberry Hand Massages to target the ailing digits of hand-held enthusiasts like Blackberry, iPhone and smart phone users.

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