Spa Tips for the Bride

Plenty of planning goes into getting ready for a wedding, and savvy brides know their beauty routines should be ranked high on the priority list, right above floral arrangements and just below reception hall reservations.

Spa Tips for the Bride

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Calm those pre-wedding jitters with SpaFinder’s ‘Spa Guide for the Bride,’ a quick summary of the bride’s do’s (and don’ts!) before the big day:

Hair and Makeup:
Do discover the many spas/salons that offer  makeup and hairstyling services specifically for the bride and attendants. Plan ahead by booking your makeup artist/hair stylist about six to eight months prior if you live in a big city. Schedule a trial consult before tying the knot; if you’re wearing a veil, bring it with you to the salon. Check out our bridal hair guide for more tips.

Don’t get a facial in the few days before your nuptials. Visit the spa facial guide to read up on the common types of facials spas offer. Aestheticians nix this idea due to the fact that facials often draw out impurities, which may cause breakouts in the process; sensitivity to creams and lotions used during the treatment can also be a factor. For those with normal skin types, it’s recommended to reserve a facial no less than one week prior to the wedding for a glowing and radiant complexion. If prone to problematic skin, you may want to schedule a series of treatments about six months or more in advance. More-aggressive skincare services such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion also are most effective in a series over a six-month time period.  See spas offering facials.

Waxing the day of is a huge no-no—one week prior is preferred.

Get Fit:
Do sign up for a boot camp series—many brides-to-be are engaging in the increasingly popular bridal boot camps—or some other type of fitness program if you find shaping and toning up a pre-wedding requisite.

Body Wraps and Body Scrubs:
There are many types of body wraps including seaweed, herbal and mud wraps. Some wraps are designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and have other sliming effects. See spas offering Body Wraps. 

Body scrubs will smooth your skin and give you a great glow. Dry brushing, sugar scrub, salt scrub and fruit scrubs are just a few of the choices you have. Just make sure you don't get a scrub after you spray tan. See spas offering Body scrubs.

White Smile:
Say I do to walking down the aisle with a dazzling white smile that could rival the shade of your wedding dress. See a list of spas offering teeth whitening  procedures, as well as a complete listing of SpaFinder’s dental spa  partners.

Plan Ahead:
Definitely don’t wait until the last minute if you’re thinking of undergoing a more-invasive anti-aging treatment such as Botox or Restylane injectables. These services require approximately a six-week turnaround to take full effect. 

If you want to sport a sun-kissed look, do try sunless tanning techniques applied via a spray-on booth or an esthetician by hand, airbrush, or mister. It’s safer than hitting the tanning bed and gives you a golden glow like you’ve already been on that island honeymoon.

Keep it up:
Do remind yourself that these spa tips don’t have to just be for your wedding day. The ceremony may be over, but like the vow says, ‘til death do us part’

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