From a week of ocean-side yoga, medically supervised detox, and more, Spafinder® Wellness so many retreats to choose from to find the path you want to take to lose weight. Say goodbye to those last 10 pounds while getting one-on-one health coaching, training, and relaxing in a beautiful destination. From personal training, nutritional counseling, to week long retreats — you'll lose weight while finding your path to well-being with Spafinder Wellness.

Featured Properties

  • Hilton Head Health

    Hilton Head Island, SC

    Located on four acres along the island's southern coast, Hilton Head Health is a weight loss and health resort that has been recognized as a "Top Ten Best for Weight Loss" resort for the past five consecutive years in SpaFinder's annual Readers' Choice Awards.

    To book call, +1.800.292.2440
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  • Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

    Miami, FL

    Surrounded by 650 acres of lush tropical gardens, waterfalls, meditative labyrinths, championship golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and guest rooms with private balconies, Pritikin is not just a health institute; it is a paradise resort.

    To book call, +1.305.935.7131
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  • Rancho La Puerta

    Tecate, Mexico

    When Rancho La Puerta was created in 1940, two grand oak trees met at the center of the property, forming the door-like archway that gave this destination spa its name. One of these trees still stands, surrounded by 3,000 acres of lush gardens, swimming pools, and cozy casitas, all watched over by mystical Mt. Kuchumaa.

    To book call, +1.877.440.7773
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  • Canyon Ranch in Lenox

    Lenox, MA

    In 1978, Mel Zuckerman had an A-ha experience that changed his life and sparked the creation of Canyon Ranch. Overweight and dealing with various health problems, Mel had gone to a California spa for help. His A-ha moment came when he realized how great he could feel by staying active, eating right, and living healthy.

    To book call, +1.800.742.9000
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Exclusive Travel Deals

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    Movara Fitness Resort

    Movara’s life-transforming, boot-camp style weight loss and fitness program is led by a team of certified trainers, life coaches, and dietitians.

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    Canyon Ranch in Tucson

    New You: First time guests save 20%!

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    Bacara Resort and Spa

    Sky Ranch Fitness Vacation Package with Upgrades: Complimentary Room Upgrade & $300 Spa Credit!

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